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Sunsets Trips

New Sunsets of North Shore, Oahu

Hope you guys enjoy these sunset shots! All photos shot with Sony A6000

Sunsets Trips

Sunsets around Sharks Cove!

More beautiful sunsets today!

Over the past few days, the sun has been setting behind thick layers of clouds, leaving less color changes. I finally used my brand new

Joby Gorilla Tripod. It is an amazing product that allows fine adjustments to the Sony A6000 Camera.

Sunsets Trips

Sunset of Haleiwa

I am lucky to call this area my backyard.  Come visit North Shore, Oahu.

Surf Trips Trips

Preview of Mentawai Trip

One of the most magical surf places on earth.  I went there twice in the summer of 2016, and had some of the best waves of my life.  Trip report to follow.

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Surf Yoga Travel First Post!

My first post!

The website is currently in progress, and my goal is to share surf/yoga destination and travel product reviews with you. Stay tuned!

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Checking the most popular hotels in the summer.


We have great restaurants! And this is why you will love us.


The Most Destination Rating

Thank you to all who have followed me on Instagram!

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